The ceiling / roof is gone

There now (late May 2013) isn’t any wood left in or on the building.

A whole lot of the wood has been put aside to make some furniture (a big dining table for starters) for the new house.

A chunk of wood is also making it’s way to other houses and projects including a¬†play space / play room for the kids of Robert at ra-studio (who created the initial designs for this project).

2013-05-15 10.30.19

2013-05-15 10.43.14

2013-05-19 14.33.22

2013-05-21 19.20.59

Kitchen to stair well wall

There are a few ideas for this wall / area:

Kitchen to stairs wall

To insert a vertical line of some of the stained glass windows from the original bungalow:




Which could look something like this:

Kitchen to stairs wall - stained glass inserts

and will further help draw light from the stairwell through into the living area.

I’m not sure on how many glass panes. They’ve all been kept. They vary in size and detail, number of panes etc.

For the rest of this wall, I like the idea of either a black board area, a magnetic wall for photos to be put up (or a magnetic wall that is also a blackboard wall. I also like the idea of a mugs rack, but these could be quite a way from the kettle ?

With blackboard paint, it should be easy to change this final detail in the years to come:

Blackboard Wall in the Kitchen:

blackboard wall - 02


blackboard wall

blackboard wall - 03b

Kitchen Photo Wall

photo wall


Mug rack on the wall:

mugs rack - maybe over the photos black board


Fridge side pantry slide out “wall”

For next to the fridge up against the wall I like the idea of this slide out pantry wall:

storage rack by the fridge idea


A bunch of the windows and doors have gone to new homes.

A bunch of the wood is either going into local log burners or being set aside for furniture etc.

A lot of the roof tiles have been set aside for somebody or to be made into place mats etc.

A chunk of the metal was taken to the scrap metal dealers, where the lead, copper and other metal got a bit over £200 !

Metal to the scrappie for recycling



Soft Strip ….. continues a bit further

15th April 2013

Mark continues to crack on with taking the house apart.

It is looking like the tongue and groove floor boards are too well nailed and joined and dry to get up without them all getting wrecked / broken.

There has been a good recovery of the roof tiles that are from 2mm to 6mm thick.
– maybe a series of table place mats and coasters ?

This morning, the 15th of April 2013, although most of the tiles were off at the front, from the back (see picture below) it was till a bungalow with a roof.

Silver Spray still has a roof

Walking up the road in the evening, the roof was gone!
– and the photo opportunity of Mark in the chair was too easy.

Silver Spray roof has gone

Pretty dramatic from the rear garden:

Silver Spray and a great view from roof that will, roughly be the height of the bedrooms.

Silver Spray view at new bedroom height

From the rear fields, you can only just pick out the bungalow past the rear garage.




Soft Strip ….. continues

9th April 2013

Well the skirting boards are off, so are all the internal doors and there seems to be a challenge with evolving ideas, to get up the tongue and groove floor boards without wrecking them.

It looks like we may have found a home for a bunch of the skirting boards, internal doors and some of the external doors and windows. A friend is¬†renovating¬†a property in Truro and is going to measure them up ūüôā

The loft insulation is being extracted and re-distributed around the village to other properties, new and old.

Extracting the loft insulation for re-distribution

A lot of the wood, that can’t be salvaged is being broken down and used in my multi fuel burner to heat my current house. Better than landfill or on-site burning it.

Soft strip

Some, but not all of the tiles look set to be looking for a new home.

2013-04-09 18 _1024w

Funky looking, 3 compartment recycling bin

“Comprises of three compartments and a central bottle crusher to compress your waste with ease.”

“Made from recycled plastic”

“Each compartment has a door for bag removal and a small upper opening with a cover for waste deposit. The covers close tightly so that bad odours cannot escape.”

“Standard supermarket shopping bags can be inserted into each of the compartments for ease of use.”

£179.99 from

Utility, shower and plant room

The idea is that in addition to a downstairs loo and room for shoes and coats, there will be a room for the washing machine, that also has in it a shower, sink, drying rack, and probably screened off, the “plant”.

The plant elements aren’t foliage etc. but the large bits of machinery for the house such as the hot water tank,¬†Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit etc.

So, not a lot more on this at the moment, but spotted this photo, that could be a start of this room. ie put the washing machine in a cupboard ?

Waikiki Chic contemporary bathroom


  • Washing machine
  • Shower
  • Hot water tank
  • MVHR unit
  • Sink
  • Drying area – potentially with a drip tray, as it will probably include wetsuits etc.

It’d make sense to look over the photos etc. for the coats, shoes etc. room.

Not a fan of this look and feel, but the storage looks good for the utility plant room.


The idea below of an over the washing machines hanging rail could work well. But there also needs to be some full height hanging for wetsuits to dry.

over the washing machines hanging rail

hand rail could be elsewhere:

hanging rail

Washer and dryer platforms. The laundry room below puts the washer and dryer on a¬†pedestal. I’m not having a drying machine, but it might be good to put the washing machine on a slight pedestal.

washing machine raised

Utility room sink to rinse wetsuits etc.

Also some counter top space.

The plant utility room might have extra space for the recycling (there will be some in the kitchen units).