Perranporth beach lost a “million tonnes of sand” during the winter storms

“Perranporth lost about a million tonnes of sand, while nearby St Ives has gained.”

““So far we haven’t seen much recovery,” said Prof Masselink, professor of coastal geomorphology at Plymouth University.”

There are certainly a lot more exposed rocks around Chapel Rock, at the foot of the Droskyn rocks and other areas of the beach.

The sea spills into Perranporth

DSC_0024 (3)

A combination of big tides, at the same time as big swell and lots of rainfall is meaning that waves are breaking over the sea front wall and leading to other flooding in the lower bit of Perranporth village.

2014-01-06 swell on the way (2)

But a great turn out by the community with sand bag filling & distribution etc. alleviated a lot of the damage (it would have otherwise been worse).

1534846_10152107864047929_792820624_o (2)

2014-01-05 07.56.03 (2) 1514154_10152152455175070_1476758313_n (2) 1536447_649572988433670_299487712_n (2)

The ecofab team are back on site, which has held up fine, despite the wind and rain over the last few weeks and the last weekend in particular.

DSC_0018 (2)


Elsewhere in Cornwall, some of the cliff locations like Sennen have had some truly massive waves:

carve magazine - sennen Sennen Cove (2)

BIG waves

A weekend of building swell to amazing huge Sunday waves along the north coast of Cornwall.

This shot by Ali, off Droskyn.

And this amazing shot down at Perran Sands (the other end of Perranporth beach) by, and put on Magic Seaweed.

and down at Gwithian where Mike & Khalil went surfing
(while Dave, Debbie, Lisa & myself went to Hayle where they were smaller !)

and this great composite shot by James Richardson: