The ceiling / roof is gone

There now (late May 2013) isn’t any wood left in or on the building.

A whole lot of the wood has been put aside to make some furniture (a big dining table for starters) for the new house.

A chunk of wood is also making it’s way to other houses and projects including a play space / play room for the kids of Robert at ra-studio (who created the initial designs for this project).

2013-05-15 10.30.19

2013-05-15 10.43.14

2013-05-19 14.33.22

2013-05-21 19.20.59


A bunch of the windows and doors have gone to new homes.

A bunch of the wood is either going into local log burners or being set aside for furniture etc.

A lot of the roof tiles have been set aside for somebody or to be made into place mats etc.

A chunk of the metal was taken to the scrap metal dealers, where the lead, copper and other metal got a bit over £200 !

Metal to the scrappie for recycling



Soft Strip ….. continues

9th April 2013

Well the skirting boards are off, so are all the internal doors and there seems to be a challenge with evolving ideas, to get up the tongue and groove floor boards without wrecking them.

It looks like we may have found a home for a bunch of the skirting boards, internal doors and some of the external doors and windows. A friend is renovating a property in Truro and is going to measure them up 🙂

The loft insulation is being extracted and re-distributed around the village to other properties, new and old.

Extracting the loft insulation for re-distribution

A lot of the wood, that can’t be salvaged is being broken down and used in my multi fuel burner to heat my current house. Better than landfill or on-site burning it.

Soft strip

Some, but not all of the tiles look set to be looking for a new home.

2013-04-09 18 _1024w