Coats, shoes etc. room

The first post about this, was creating an area for coats, shoes etc.

I’ve put feedback on these ideas at the bottom of this post >>

The plans are evolving this to a room for coats, shoes etc.

It looks like this is called a Mudroom in the US.

Have a think of what else to add into this room:

  • A safe, as it’s where you might want to leave car keys, wallets etc ?
    • There could be an additional safe for passports, jewellery etc. elsewhere in the house.
  • Black board or other family notice board.
French Country - custom built mud room traditional entry

I like the cushion / lip, so that those who want to, can site down to put on shoes, boots etc.

kitchen eclectic kitchen

I like the lower shoes area is straight onto the floor and not a drawer. This should make it easier to clean /tidy.


cubbies and desk traditional hall
traditional hall design by
It’d be good to have a coats, shoes etc. area for the office.

Carpenter Gothic Mudroom traditional entry

Having multiple slots, means you can hang coats on the back and side walls of each “slot”. There could be a per person slot (well it could start like that).

ASID Showcase House traditional entry

Or everybody uses one shared space ?

Tudor Addition Mudroom traditional entry
2011 Showcase - Hillside Retreat modern hall

Does this one nail it. Thin walls to segment the spaces and give extra hanging hooks on the separators?

Mudroom Ideas: Locker Room

Baskets for up above, so it’s easy to pull down your basket of stuff. eg wool hats and beanie’s.

mudroom storage traditional entry

Get in multi tiers for shoes. But make sure there is also space for taller boots, wellies etc. too.


Farmhouse Revival traditional entry

Getting lots of shoe storage here.

Chez Larsson- Shoe cubbies

and here.


better flow - the mudroom / laundry room eclectic laundry room

May as well build storage right to the ceiling !

Mudroom  hall

Feedback on these ideas:

  • There is a danger of the ‘compartments’ being too school like. I prefer maybe 2 large ones, rather than lots of individual ones.
  • Yes to the wood panelling.
  • Should defo go up to the celing with top level shelf/ baskets
  • Keep it simple- maybe half of shoe space double height for wellies & other half 2 shelves
  • Like the sitting bench.

Utility room

  • In my view should also have hanging space for your washing- perhaps like our laundry at home, we have a hanging thing above the washing machines etc .