A lot of my blog posts pick up the idea of beach house colours: white, off white, blues (sometimes with a hint of green, but avoid green, it’s apparently a bad luck colour in Cornwall !)

The design implies most of the inside walls will be white (ie off white) with dashes of colour and items to stand out. eg a blue kitchen island and other strong colour stamps:

The colour splashes will be helped by some strong art ideas (see this Silver Spray Art ideas Pinterest board).

Textures are going to include slate or wood (bamboo) flooring depending on the area of the house. The kitchen counter tops are also likely to be wood / bamboo.


The chosen colour for the window and door frames is RAL 5007:

RAL 5007 for glazing frames - 02



I like the idea of mostly white or off white walls etc. with splashes of blue, like in the photos below:

colour slides - 3

The furniture can also be used to inject the colour splashes:

colours - island chairs

And more subtle colours via wall washes and perhaps a light blue glass splash back to the kitchen:

colour slides

On walls, if any aren’t going to be white / off-white, then subtle blues or even RAL chart stripes:

colours - wall colour chart

If there is going to be a further colour, orange could be good for low frequency impact:

colours - blue + orange bedroom palette


This creates another pallet that can continue into the bathrooms and return to including the wood that will be in most areas  (floors will be slate or wood / bamboo).

colours - blue + orange + wood - bathroom


The planning application approved design has wide vertical cladding on the middle floor and thin horizontal cladding on the top floor.

Look at the render having pigment added, so that you don’t need to paint the house.
Self cleaning paints eg (probably expensive !!!).

There could be subtle blues on some external walls, which will weather change / evolve.

colours - external wall