Project Management

I’m appointing Simon Crabb to be the project administrator.

He’ll sit between the builders, contractors etc. and me. He’ll manage the contracts between us and approve when I pay for items that are to the pre-agreed specification.


The Housebuilders Bible has an in progress snagging list from pp 405.


Check and confirm what structural or other warranties I’ll be getting  from the suppliers and builders ?

  • The building inspector covers that the structure is adequate and little more
The Housebuilders Bible outlines insurance and warranties on page 101.

During Build

  • When the house gets to foundations, get a foundations inspection by the mining survey chap (Nick Datson). They’ll sign off / look at the foundations in relation to the mining survey, that did, as expected find that there is an old tunnel under the property. I know this because I’ve been in it. It is at beach level so probably over 30 meters bellow the property.
The Housebuilders Bible suggests keeping a daily site diary:
  • Weather
  • What work was done
  • Who was on site and how many hours they worked.
  • Quotations, orders, deliveries, shopping trips
  • Payments made
  • Contacts made (with phone numbers etc.)
  • Site visits by building inspectors, architects, surveyors etc.
  • comments, feedback from casual visitors, neighbours
  • accidents (however small), breakages, theft.