This post is as much a light box for those who I’d like to consider the lighting options for Silver Spray.


The entire house is going to have a ceiling void for recessed down lights.

The floor to ceiling height is going to be 2400mm (2.4m) except for the higher lower lounge area which will be 2800mm.

All lights are to be low energy and where sensible on sensors and timers to turn on and off when not in use.

eg For the stairs have lights that illuminate the treads, that are motion activated for when you step onto the first step and that auto turn off 10 minutes later. There can be additional overhead lights, but at night, just these could be enough. The tread lights could be as below or LEDs.

stair feet lights

Side / wall lights

I like the idea of side / wall lights, but I’m not sure what would be best.

  • Floor or ceiling spots that shine up or down next to the walls.
  • Wall mounted lights that shine light up / down the wall (but please, simple non ornate designs such as this one by TinSmiths.)


For any lamps, have the sockets they use, linked to wall / room light switches.

If there are going to be any lamps, then taking stones from local beaches would be a great idea:

lamps - coastlamps_01_m

Mood Lighting

I like the idea of mood / low level lighting such as this below the kitchen units lighting:



This down wash lighting could also be used in the bathrooms:

bathroom sink unit down lighting - skip the stones that will be hard to clean and a dust trap


Not lighting related, but I don’t like the floor pebbles, I just see a dirt and dust trap, especially with water around.

Over the dining table

About the only bit I’ve nailed is the idea of either “Jeeves & Wooster” or “tinsel” side table lamp shades over the dining table, which is going to be big and long. Annika has suggested setting it up so that they can be interchanged. Photos / inspiration for both below.

Jeeves & Wooster pendant lights


Seeing these in the flesh, they have an internal silver lining that isn’t normal for such hats!

lighting - mixed lamp shades - 02

Bow Lamp

I like the idea of a Bow Lamp for either the main seating area of the lounge +/or a chair in front of the shelving on the western side of the lounge by the shelving.

The image below is from

Bow lamp for the lounge


Another alternative is this light from Intalite UK, that can be tilted to become a reading spot, or left upright as a general mood light.

pole lamp - overview


There is a plan for a big set of shelves on the NW wall of the lounge that would look good if it included lighting similar to the Sea House lighting done by Illumina.

SeaHouse lighting by Illumina

Window “Boxes”

The thick walls mean there will be some slot windows (eg by the master bedroom bathroom) where lights in these window frames could work well?

Master Bedroom Balcony

I want to create my own version of this shadow person on the master balcony. So on the western wall of the master bedroom balcony, at night, the shapes on that wall, will create a shadow of a person looking out to sea.




All this needs for now are spot lights in the ceiling of the balcony, outside, that shine down and towards the railing. As they are on the sea side of the house, they need to be as sea air proof as possible (sealed and made from plastic ?)

En-Suite Toilets

I’d like all the en-suite toilets to have motion sensing (auto turn on and off after 10 minutes of no motion) skirting board LED lights, so that the toilets have this low level lighting for night use without disturbing the other bedroom occupant by turning on the optional overhead lights.

Sea Facing Bedrooms / Bathrooms

Look at these ideas for suspended mirrors between the bedroom and bathroom area. There could be power cables to these mirrors, from which there can be lights for both the bed side and the bathroom sink side.

As the bed is the other side of a half height wall, without a door, to the bathroom area, the bed side can’t have sockets (it’s within 3m from the bath), but it can have wired in items such as bed side lights.


In addition to the above comment re stair tread auto lights, there is a plan for the stairs to have a central column of vertical wood slats. These could have lighting between the slats?


It makes sense to me that there should be down lights in the overhangs:

  • From the first floor that overhangs the ground floor 
  • From the protruding roof line to the home office

Just to illustrate the idea, see the red dots on the SketchUp screen model screenshots below.

external - overhangs - ground floor - dots


external - overhangs - top floor - rear - dots

I’m concerned that outside lights survive the sea air environment.

  • Stainless steel lights will probably rust (it’s unlikely to be perfect welding on marine grade stainless steel).
  • Galvanised lights might work, but I have no experience to back this up.
    eg Some of the galvanised lights from TinSmiths