Soft Strip ….. continues a bit further

15th April 2013

Mark continues to crack on with taking the house apart.

It is looking like the tongue and groove floor boards are too well nailed and joined and dry to get up without them all getting wrecked / broken.

There has been a good recovery of the roof tiles that are from 2mm to 6mm thick.
– maybe a series of table place mats and coasters ?

This morning, the 15th of April 2013, although most of the tiles were off at the front, from the back (see picture below) it was till a bungalow with a roof.

Silver Spray still has a roof

Walking up the road in the evening, the roof was gone!
– and the photo opportunity of Mark in the chair was too easy.

Silver Spray roof has gone

Pretty dramatic from the rear garden:

Silver Spray and a great view from roof that will, roughly be the height of the bedrooms.

Silver Spray view at new bedroom height

From the rear fields, you can only just pick out the bungalow past the rear garage.