Clever storage ideas

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Hidden sponge storage in front of the sink. Sponges are unsightly; why clutter up sink-side space with them? This use of the often wasted space in front of the sink is genius.

hidden sponge storage

kitchen storage - 01

kitchen storage - 02

Have openings in the counter top or the doors so can more easily drop recycling into the recycling bins.

Also see if there can be a can crusher to make them take up less space.
– perhaps in the utility room not the kitchen.

kitchen recycling containers

Two dishwashers!

I first heard this idea from Olivia. I’ve since seen it on Houzz. With two dishwashers not only are you covered for a party, but day to day, you can take clean dishes straight from dishwasher to table, a luxury that you have when you don’t need to empty the dishwasher in order to refill it with dirty dishes.

Elsewhere I’ve read sense to put the diswasher by the sink, as this is where you’ll already be taking the dirty dishes.

two dishwashers close to the sink

Wardrobe / Bedroom

girls shoe storage

Utility Room / Bedroom

For sheets (Store Matching Sheets Inside of Their Pillowcases):

Store Matching Sheets Inside of Their Pillowcases





Although I prefer the look and feel of these bamboo stairs:

I do like the idea of a bookcase on the landing. But need to look at / check there is still plenty of width on the landings:

Utility, shower and plant room

The idea is that in addition to a downstairs loo and room for shoes and coats, there will be a room for the washing machine, that also has in it a shower, sink, drying rack, and probably screened off, the “plant”.

The plant elements aren’t foliage etc. but the large bits of machinery for the house such as the hot water tank, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit etc.

So, not a lot more on this at the moment, but spotted this photo, that could be a start of this room. ie put the washing machine in a cupboard ?

Waikiki Chic contemporary bathroom


  • Washing machine
  • Shower
  • Hot water tank
  • MVHR unit
  • Sink
  • Drying area – potentially with a drip tray, as it will probably include wetsuits etc.

It’d make sense to look over the photos etc. for the coats, shoes etc. room.

Not a fan of this look and feel, but the storage looks good for the utility plant room.


The idea below of an over the washing machines hanging rail could work well. But there also needs to be some full height hanging for wetsuits to dry.

over the washing machines hanging rail

hand rail could be elsewhere:

hanging rail

Washer and dryer platforms. The laundry room below puts the washer and dryer on a pedestal. I’m not having a drying machine, but it might be good to put the washing machine on a slight pedestal.

washing machine raised

Utility room sink to rinse wetsuits etc.

Also some counter top space.

The plant utility room might have extra space for the recycling (there will be some in the kitchen units).


Coats, shoes etc. room

The first post about this, was creating an area for coats, shoes etc.

I’ve put feedback on these ideas at the bottom of this post >>

The plans are evolving this to a room for coats, shoes etc.

It looks like this is called a Mudroom in the US.

Have a think of what else to add into this room:

  • A safe, as it’s where you might want to leave car keys, wallets etc ?
    • There could be an additional safe for passports, jewellery etc. elsewhere in the house.
  • Black board or other family notice board.
French Country - custom built mud room traditional entry

I like the cushion / lip, so that those who want to, can site down to put on shoes, boots etc.

kitchen eclectic kitchen

I like the lower shoes area is straight onto the floor and not a drawer. This should make it easier to clean /tidy.


cubbies and desk traditional hall
traditional hall design by
It’d be good to have a coats, shoes etc. area for the office.

Carpenter Gothic Mudroom traditional entry

Having multiple slots, means you can hang coats on the back and side walls of each “slot”. There could be a per person slot (well it could start like that).

ASID Showcase House traditional entry

Or everybody uses one shared space ?

Tudor Addition Mudroom traditional entry
2011 Showcase - Hillside Retreat modern hall

Does this one nail it. Thin walls to segment the spaces and give extra hanging hooks on the separators?

Mudroom Ideas: Locker Room

Baskets for up above, so it’s easy to pull down your basket of stuff. eg wool hats and beanie’s.

mudroom storage traditional entry

Get in multi tiers for shoes. But make sure there is also space for taller boots, wellies etc. too.


Farmhouse Revival traditional entry

Getting lots of shoe storage here.

Chez Larsson- Shoe cubbies

and here.


better flow - the mudroom / laundry room eclectic laundry room

May as well build storage right to the ceiling !

Mudroom  hall

Feedback on these ideas:

  • There is a danger of the ‘compartments’ being too school like. I prefer maybe 2 large ones, rather than lots of individual ones.
  • Yes to the wood panelling.
  • Should defo go up to the celing with top level shelf/ baskets
  • Keep it simple- maybe half of shoe space double height for wellies & other half 2 shelves
  • Like the sitting bench.

Utility room

  • In my view should also have hanging space for your washing- perhaps like our laundry at home, we have a hanging thing above the washing machines etc .

Dressing room

A nice article at on things to consider when creating a dressing room:

Property Adaptations for Dogs

Dog bowls integrated into the kitchen island.

chezerbey modern kitchen

Bone handles in the drawers above the dog bowls, where dog stuff goes.

Seaside whimsy in Centerville, MA eclectic kitchen

Make the stairs close together, so smaller steps, which makes it easier for dogs.

Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. contemporary staircase

I like the splash of blue on white


This idea and these colours could be used for both the kitchen and the coats etc. store area.

Colours wise, it seems to tie in with this property that I feel has a nice coastal look and feel through the materials and colours:

Having the kitchen island a stand out colour:

Interesting, how in this picture the white becomes the stand out item.
– I’m thinking the colour being the lower volume item(s) will work better at Silver Spray.

I must dig out the information I found on kitchen tops that are made from recycled materials.

  • Wood looks great, but you have to look after it, for it not to slowly not look as good.
  • I’m not convinced by marble. I’ll have to look at a few.
  • This kitchen with light grey floors and wooden tops seems to work well:

I’ll have to get some designer, friends and family input on something this modern or a more traditional look such as:

Layout wise, still stuck on whether the island should have the cooker +/or sink +/or water source.

If it does, then this kitchen extractor hood looks great.