Kitchen to stair well wall

There are a few ideas for this wall / area:

Kitchen to stairs wall

To insert a vertical line of some of the stained glass windows from the original bungalow:




Which could look something like this:

Kitchen to stairs wall - stained glass inserts

and will further help draw light from the stairwell through into the living area.

I’m not sure on how many glass panes. They’ve all been kept. They vary in size and detail, number of panes etc.

For the rest of this wall, I like the idea of either a black board area, a magnetic wall for photos to be put up (or a magnetic wall that is also a blackboard wall. I also like the idea of a mugs rack, but these could be quite a way from the kettle ?

With blackboard paint, it should be easy to change this final detail in the years to come:

Blackboard Wall in the Kitchen:

blackboard wall - 02


blackboard wall

blackboard wall - 03b

Kitchen Photo Wall

photo wall


Mug rack on the wall:

mugs rack - maybe over the photos black board


Fridge side pantry slide out “wall”

For next to the fridge up against the wall I like the idea of this slide out pantry wall:

storage rack by the fridge idea


Just saw an article  in this months Homebuilding & Renovating magazine for this stairs & balustrades company.

Apparently they have a great range at good prices.

I’ve had a quick look and they include outside stair cases, which I’ll need.

They also have glass stair railing systems.

– which could look great with these “organic” railings ( although I was thinking vertical wood cladding to the same style as the bedrooms (see below).


Vertical slats for the staircase

Vertical slats to let the light come down the stairwell from the skylight and south facing window on the top floor.

I want the vertical slats going to the floor or the ceiling. So like this for at the bottom:

vertical wooden wall on the stairs


vertical wooden wall 08

The top / cap to the vertical slats to be capped with a hand rail, as shown below:

vertical wooden wall hand rail cap

The slats give a continually different view / aspect.



Although I prefer the look and feel of these bamboo stairs:

I do like the idea of a bookcase on the landing. But need to look at / check there is still plenty of width on the landings:

Nice look & feel :: Fire, kitchen, stairs

Some nice ideas, look & feel vibe etc. from Houzz.

Nice enclosed fire, with fire side storage and seating:
Nice look and feel to kitchen and stairs:

Bamboo “wood” stairs:

Which could be on just the horizontal sections like for:

Property Adaptations for Dogs

Dog bowls integrated into the kitchen island.

chezerbey modern kitchen

Bone handles in the drawers above the dog bowls, where dog stuff goes.

Seaside whimsy in Centerville, MA eclectic kitchen

Make the stairs close together, so smaller steps, which makes it easier for dogs.

Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. contemporary staircase