Clever storage ideas

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Hidden sponge storage in front of the sink. Sponges are unsightly; why clutter up sink-side space with them? This use of the often wasted space in front of the sink is genius.

hidden sponge storage

kitchen storage - 01

kitchen storage - 02

Have openings in the counter top or the doors so can more easily drop recycling into the recycling bins.

Also see if there can be a can crusher to make them take up less space.
– perhaps in the utility room not the kitchen.

kitchen recycling containers

Two dishwashers!

I first heard this idea from Olivia. I’ve since seen it on Houzz. With two dishwashers not only are you covered for a party, but day to day, you can take clean dishes straight from dishwasher to table, a luxury that you have when you don’t need to empty the dishwasher in order to refill it with dirty dishes.

Elsewhere I’ve read sense to put the diswasher by the sink, as this is where you’ll already be taking the dirty dishes.

two dishwashers close to the sink

Wardrobe / Bedroom

girls shoe storage

Utility Room / Bedroom

For sheets (Store Matching Sheets Inside of Their Pillowcases):

Store Matching Sheets Inside of Their Pillowcases




Dressing room

A nice article at on things to consider when creating a dressing room:

Beds with a view

The dominant location location location feature of Silver Spray is the view. So put the beds, in bedroosm that look at the view, so that you can sit in bed and look out at the view.

Above is a picture of the Scarlet Hotel bedrooms that have the bathrooms behind the bed.

Also see these beds that have a bathroom or other space behind the bed >>