Feeling blue (garage floor)

So that I can move out of my current house, where the sale is going through, I need somewhere to store my stuff.

So I brought forward some progress on the garage, that already has the main roller shutter.

The debate was resin floor or polished concrete. Both of which would give a smooth, easy to clean surface that should stay dust etc. free.

Time scale I couldn’t find a supplier who could polish the floor in time, and I did like the idea of a bright blue (to tie in with the blue GRP Yprado window and door¬†frames.

They first polished the concrete back to take off the top layer where the water comes up through the concrete as it dries out. This exposes a good surface to key the resin too. They also have to have a smooth floor so that the resin is an even thickness for how it sets.

2014-07-21 10.00.57 (2) 2014-07-21 12.10.34 (2) 2014-07-21 12.10.19 (2)

Then after a painted on compound and some infill’s of some shallow dips (2 to 3 mm) were dry they poured on the resin, that then got smoothed out with various tools:

2014-07-23 12.37.06 (2) 2014-07-23 14.04.50 (2) 2014-07-23 14.04.59 (2)

Given the planned move this week, the letter box has also been temp put up !

2014-07-25 08.47.29 (2)