Mechanisation Vs Manpower

The ground source heat pump machine was delivered and put, by pallet truck into the garage. So level’ish with the road for the truck it came off.

But I need to clear the garage to finish the inside before it can be finished off and then filled with my stuff as I move out of my current place (being sold) and the house isn’t yet ready.

The heat pump is over 140 kg and about the size of 2 kitchen units. It doesn’t have that many edges to grab and the stairs it needs to go up or down (if it’s taken around the back) are narrow, so it’ll be hard to get people around it.

I had 6 maybe 7 people lined up to be on site on Saturday at 9:30 am until Simon (thankyou) called that he was going to borrow a battery driven stair lifting machine.

With that, some fun moving pallets, blocks, bits of wood (often as chocks), the trailer (thankyou Jock) the 2 of us got it in the house !

The machine lets you mechanically be on one stair, extend to the next stair, lever lift off the one stair etc.

2014-07-18 17.05.01 (2)

An example of a built up platform of blocks and pallets. The machine would then lift itself up onto this. We’d secure it, angle it back and get it to “stair lift” lift the heat pump up to the top of the stack. Then we had to turn it by 90 degrees to get in the door (as being visualised !)

2014-07-18 17.42.27 (2)