Fire side seating nook ?

Create a fire side seating (snoozing) with a view nook ?

With the latest layout / design ideas in from architect Rob, this could either go below the wall from the dining area (to the right of the fire as you look at it), or to the left of the fire and so surrounded by glass and closer to the view.

This could fit in well with the idea of a glass corner and the other fire place posts.

Ground floor fire & corner window

The house looks north wards up along Perranporth beach.
Most house visitors look up along the beach and towards the beach, so NE and not north, which is more straight out to sea (with less going on).

So, it seems to make sense to put the fire and the lounge facing the north facing windows and east facing wall.

This idea “hides” the TV / screen as it’d be a ceiling mounted projector that’d project onto the fire breast above the fire. The fire can still have the chimney inside the house, behind the wall, and so all that heat gain into the house.

  • Either side of this could be wood storage.
  • And either side of the whole thing, could be speakers!

Below the fire place could also be additional wood storage.

Fire place layout idea

The above illustration also has the NE corner of the loung as not having a corner column, an “Open Corner Window”
Architect’s Toolbox: The Open Corner Window, wrap a corner with glass to blur the distinctions between rooms and views

This fire has nice in front bench seats and wood storage.

Like the idea of walling in the fire from the front, but leaving the sides open for heat to come out & to stack logs.
– ie log storage, as per this photo:


This photo (below) is very bare, but the idea of the enclosed fire ….

Watch out for the fire

“I do not recommend wood burning stoves in a building as efficient as a
Passivhaus because of the dangers of overheating, but clients are quite often
insistent and these may be more controllable.”

– taken from

So it seems that I’m not alone in wanting a wood or multi fuel burning stove in a Passivhaus.

I guess this means it’ll be key to pick a smaller than you’d normally go for “wood burner” so that it can get up to operational temperature, but not cause the house to over heat.