Drilling has begun

The ground source heat pump is going to extract low grade heat from the ground, and concentrate this into high grade heat in the form of hot water for taps, then under floor heating then the hot tub.

There will be 3 bore holes down which liquid is pumped to be warmed by the heat of the ground, up to a bit short of 100m down !

Lowering & driving the drilling rig down the rear stairs:

2014-05-14 09.49.36 (2)
2014-05-14 10.18.28 (2)

The drilling head:

2014-05-15 09.06.06 (2)

Drilling, with all the dust, which was a lot more than I expected.

2014-05-14 15.04.10 (2)

Dust on the solar panels that are going to need a clean (or for it to rain so they self clean, apparently).

2014-05-14 15.22.38-2

A growing pile of dust by the drilling rig. This later turned to slurry as the drill got to a depth where there was ground water. 2014-05-15 09.06.20 (2)


The fire is in

The fire is in & has been lit to see if it’s all OK and also to help with any last drying out of the inside. Being mostly timber frame construction this is a lot less than a concrete building requires.

The slate slab under the fire is the first bit of final floor to be in the house.

Even with doors being left open the house was rapidly super warm with the fire. I know it’s not a cold time of year, but it does show how a well insulated and sealed house is easy to heat up and then stays warm.

2014-05-12 08.54.07 (2)

UFH pipes & sand, tiles & pipes

The under floor heating (UFH) pipes are going in. Surrounded by sand for thermal mass and conductivity, they are then covered with boards onto which the finished floors will be put.

2014-04-30 14.46.00 (2) 2014-04-30 14.48.32 (2)

On the top the slate is being laid out on the passage way and front top deck area:

2014-04-30 14.51.19 (2) 2014-04-30 14.51.37 (2)

Down in the road, the road is having the pipe work in to connect it to the village sewage etc. system (the old house was a soak away that doesn’t meet current building etc. standards).

2014-04-30 09.04.14 (2)


2014-04-30 14.27.36 (2)

The Scaffolding is down

The cladding is all in place, so the scaffolding has come down.

  • The render will go on after the bore holes for the ground source has been drilled. Bore hole drilling chucks up a bunch of dust and mess.

You can now walk down the side of the building without any limbo dancing !

2014-04-25 to 30th - scaffoulding down - 03

2014-04-30 15.00.51 (2)

Finished ground level will be about the top of the block 2 above Graham’s left hand.

2014-04-25 to 30th - scaffoulding down - 02

Above is down the east side.
Below is down the west side.

2014-04-25 to 30th - scaffoulding down - 04

and from behind:

2014-04-25 to 30th scaffolding down

Lego into the wall

A long time ago, I saw this idea of putting some lego in the wall. Plastering over the edges, so that at a glance the impression could be that the construction is lego.

lego wall 03


lego wall 01

So I’m going to do this to a section of the garage at the front.

I’ve bought some lego off eBay (where you can buy it by the kilo!) and made a corner section:

2014-04-07 11.34.09 2014-04-07 11.34.02

PV panels, fire chimney & skylight

Lots of site progress in general, but the sudden jump of the Photovoltaic (PV) panels going on the rear roof and the chimney being put in today, are big visible items:

2014-04-01 15.35.29 (2)


The PV panels are east west orientated and relatively flat (not 45 degrees) to (hopefully) generate more electricity year round. eg low light as the sun gets up and sets in the east and west, diffuse light coming through cloud or other haze. When the sun is due south, it should be fairly high in the sky.


2014-04-01 15.33.30 (2) 2014-04-01 15.08.37 (2) 2014-04-01 15.08.18 (2) 2014-04-01 15.07.54 (2) 2014-04-01 15.03.20 (2)


The stairwell skylight is now in:

2014-03-28 09.07.01 (2)

The garage is getting close to being ready for its roof ! 2014-04-01 11.38.18 (2)


But it’s all about the view:

2014-03-27 09.00.19-2