Steel delivery & the last big pour (of concrete)

Three, maybe four concrete truck arrive on Friday afternoon to fill in the top half of the back retaining wall, the hot tub slab and the footing for the wall to Ramoth.

Pre the concrete pour, post the last photos, the steel for the hot tub slab had been raised to increase the cover:

2013-10-18 09.08.45_600w


and the footing for the boundary wall extended:

2013-10-18 14.34.28_600w


The steel beams for the frame (some spans are too big for Glulam beams that wouldn’t become very thick) arrive:

2013-10-18 09.02.16_600w


On Friday afternoon the long concrete pump:

2013-10-18 14.29.55_600w


2013-10-18 09.02 (10)


was extending up to the upper retaining wall:

2013-10-18 14.37.04_600w

That by Saturday morning, was set solid enough to walk on:

2013-10-19 08.52.14_600w


You can also see the boundary wall footing on the right the hot tub slab:

2013-10-19 08.47.18_600w