Thermodynamic Panels from Jewsons?

I first saw the Thermodynamic panels on the Jewson stand at Eco Expo in London in early 2012.  They now have more info on them, on their Website:

Jewson is the only national builders’ merchant with exclusive rights to the new and innovative Thermodynamic Atmospheric Energy Panels, which can generate 100% of hot water and heating requirements all year round.

In terms of getting them installed:

Trade professionals should be aware that to be able to install the panels, they will need to be F-Gas registered and to have attended an official installation course. Both of these courses will shortly be offered at our Greenworks Training Academy.

The Jewsons blog implies they will be eligible for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).

  • See the comments at the bottom of
    “You can find further information at Also, although independent test data is available from Europe and has Solar key mark so is eligible for Renewable heat incentive in the UK, the product is currently gaining independent testing through the BRE in the UK and the data will be available shortly.” 21-09-2012

BUT (10 Nov 2012) update to this post


  1. I called into my local Jewsons this morning to ask about the panels and what information they had.the guy on the front desk was a waste of time, did’nt know they did solar panels of any description, so I explained what it was I wanted and the guy in the office chipped to say they had been discontinued. Suggested they neededto update the web site and was told where to get off!!! Great customer service!