Glass for the fish bowl has arrived

The Yprado GRP window frames and doors, with the glazing has arrived.

2014-01-23 10.45.50 (2) The rather large truck stayed down the road and the forklift cherry picker brought the pallets up to the house:

2014-01-23 09.52.16 (2)

The ecofab team are packing up areas that didn’t have panels with sheep wool (bundle below) and starting to put sealing tape for, what will be, an “airtight house”.

2014-01-22 08.57.23 (2) The rear external stair cast concrete steps are in:

2014-01-22 09.10.07 (2) From the beach, the house has it’s form:

2014-01-19 08.06.41 (2)

Dawn moon over the sea: 2014-01-19 08.06.33 (2)