Asbestos removal

17 April 2013

Afternoon site meeting with Martin & James from ARCO2 / Eco Fab and Simon (Project Administrator) and myself.

Site refresher for Martin & Simon. First site visit for James.

Discussion re the best approach for what to dig out first, where to create a crane location etc.

Then back to my place for and around the table good catch up on where ARCO2 / Eco Fab are with regards to the detailed specification & drawings, so that we can firm up on pricing and get to a consequent contract etc.

It looks like¬†ARCO2 / Eco Fab are a few weeks off the detail, so I’m going to crack on with Mark and others with the soft strip and then demolition.

16 April 2013

A pre demolition survey for asbestos showed up that the 2 loft water storage tanks were asbestos. As were the floor tiles in the entrance to the front.

These bits of asbestos were removed by Alan. Thanks Alan !

Asbestos removal