Corner Window Idea(s)

There is an idea to reduce the bulk / the massing of the top floor by putting a corner window on the NE corner.

So I’ve had a look at corner windows and found these on

In the above building¬†the corner window isn’t floor to ceiling and still seems to massively reduce the impact there would be if there was a solid corner.

A similar corner window would still allow the current block top floor where there isn’t a roof “cap” that extends beyond the walls.

Viewed from inside, this corner window isn’t floor to ceiling. ¬†Neither is the image above.
Both seem to work well.

Looking at another corner window gallery >>

Again, the window isn’t floor to ceiling, but close !

On the top floor this could then have a column, before a (from inside) a, to the floor door that opens out onto the terrace.

Having supporting columns at or near the corner seems to work well too !

Corner columns can also be fine.
Look at this corner from the outside and inside (season shift):

and this corner window, with a corner frame piece on, what looks like an office building.

26 May 2012 Additions:

This image is interesting, not only for the corner window, but also for the lounge where there could be a problem getting triple glazing to the height, so a top window band strip might be a solution.