Recycled Foamed Glass Insulation

28 May 2012 Update:

I put a post on and the consistent reply is that it’s more expensive than well used and well know Leca, which is usually used with a breathable Limecrete floor. I’m not sure if it’d work / work as well under a non breathing floor.

I was at a Green Building show / expo / day at the Eden Project last week and there was a talk by a German sounding chap, who is part of the UK Epoc Europe Ltd team promoting / pushing their TECHNOpor (Recycled Foamed Glass).

The key points seemed to be:

  • uses 100% (or close to 100%) recycled materials (glass bottles etc.)
  • German factory is powered by HEP electricity.
  • light to transport on low emmisions trucks from Germany.
  • easy to work with.
  • good insulation values for under the floor, behind retaining walls.
  • can even be used for between floor and in ceilings insulation (as super light).

I’ve found 2 UK Websites related to this:

The German site for TECHNOpor is

The Swiss site has a great idea of using bags for when you use the Recycled Foam Glass to insulate a wall. Given that there will be 2 retaining walls, this could be great.