Carbon negative bricks !

Carbon negative bricks showcased prior to market launch


Encos uses recovered aggregates and vegetable oil to make sustainable bricks

Encos’ carbon negative bricks and brick slips are set to come to market soon and are on display this week at the Greenbuild Expo 2012 show, which takes place on 9 and 10 May in Manchester.

The bricks and brick slips are made from a combination of recovered aggregates and vegetable-oil-based binders. They are manufactured using a patented method based on research carried out at the department of civil engineering at the University of Leeds by Dr John Forth into the use of alternative binders in construction materials. The process consumes no water, and produces no waste.

Encobricks and Encoslips will be the first Encos products to come onto the market. Prototype products manufactured at the company’s pilot plant have been subjected to comprehensive testing at BRE and have met the standards for fire resistance, freeze-thaw and compressive strength. The products have already been used successfully in the construction of test walls.

Environmental impact

Encos says its bricks use 80 percent less energy to make than clay bricks, and as a result produce only 30 kg CO2e per ton of product. In addition, the plants that produce the vegetable oils used in the Encos binder take in CO2.For every ton of Encos product, 70 kg of CO2 is sequestered within the binder.

But looking at their site, these aren’t yet in commercial production 🙁

“A scale production plant is now fully designed with production planned for mid 2013.”