Possible shower wall idea

Potentially great alternative to tiles for a shower wall !

100 Ensuites to Inspire contemporary bathroom
and could potentially have the glass made from recyled materials !
  • Internal wall / surface sheets from recycled glass
  • Decoran glass ceramic, formed from 100% recycled float glass, is a revolutionary and highly versatile material, with the combined characteristics of glass and natural stone. Primarily aimed at internal applications as an interior cladding material, offers either the warm opacity of natural stone, or refined, contemporary levels of translucency – and even transparency – coupled with an unrivaled anti-stain quality and durability.
    Decoran glass ceramic is the luxury solution for interior and non anchored applications, including internal linings, feature walls, kitchen and bar surfaces, flooring and stairs, memorials, screens, vanity tops and sinks, and should be specified as a stone slab material.
    With a competitive edge over translucent stone rival Onyx, in terms of price, sustainability and evenness of colour, glass ceramic has unrivalled anti-stain qualities, as well as highly enviable environmental credentials, as no resins are used in the bonding process. Instead, glass crystals are heated to a sintering point and then control-cooled.’