Eco Building Products: Spring health check for green roofs

Spring health check for green roofs

An extensive green roof has the potential to bring many benefits – such as saving money on air conditioning, supporting wildlife, increasing the value of a building and improving its appearance – but none of these benefits apply to a green roof that is poorly maintained.

Most green roofs are low-maintenance, but ‘low-maintenance’ is not the same as ‘no maintenance’. A little bit of TLC carried out this spring need not be time-consuming or expensive and will pay dividends.

Enviromat offers a competitively priced green roof maintenance service, but if you prefer to care for your green roof yourself, here are some reminders of what needs doing this spring:

1. Do a quick check to make sure that any waterproofing you can see is in good order, that fall restraint systems are in place and in good condition, and that walkways, etc are as they should be.

2. Remove any rubbish or fallen leaves from the roof.

3. Ensure all drainage outlets are clear and that rain can run off freely.

4. If you have pebble edgings on your green roof, pull out any vegetation that may be growing through them.

5. Check that you do not have any unwanted vegetation on the living part of the roof. Be on the lookout for tree seedlings and pull them out – their roots could damage the waterproofing.

6. If you have any bald patches on the roof, now is a good time of year to replant these areas. On a sedum roof, simply break pieces off healthy, well-established plants and push them into the growing medium. Keep them well watered and they will soon take root.

7. Apply fertiliser. Enviromat recommends using Nutrifusion Spring/Summer feed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

8. If no rain is forecasted, give your green roof a nice long drink of water. This will activate the fertiliser and help new cuttings to establish.