Winter Driving Rain May Increase

OK, we know that man made climate change is here, but don’t know how much the systems will tip it to being worse or to self regulate (or stay on the current trajectory).

But it does mean, that on top of it being a very exposed site, there is the potential for driving rain to increase. See the map below, taken from (PDF).

Talking to surrounding residents, that also look out over Perranporth beach, they all say the site gets a full weather beating on a regular basis. The (PDF) recommends the following detailing, that I’m sure ra-studio are already on top of:

  • recessed window and door reveals
  • projecting cills with drips
  • render finishes
  • extended eaves
  • greater laps and fixings to roof and cladding fixings
  • avoidance of fully filled cavities.
There is also (apparently) the issue that materials may behave differently. Again, I’ll leave that to Robert at ra-studio.