Hot tub ?


It seems my friends are more inspired by the house having a hot tub than anything else!

Yes, it would be great fun, to sit in a hot tub outside the lounge or on the balcony at the top by the study. BUT can I find a way to be a bit eco about how to heat the water ? (Lets face it, having a big body of heated water outside, can’t be that efficient). So, ideas on the best way to achieve the idea:

  • Use hot water that is heated by the solar panels and a back burner on the fire?
  • The Scarlet Hotel hot-tubs aren’t metal as I thought, but made out of  Glass Fibre Polyester. Looking at the Website of the Dutch firm that makes these log fired hot tubs, you can use a hose to fill them. So maybe you could use the house hot water tank to pre fill the tub with the 800 litres of  hot water. Then use the fire to keep the water warm.
    • These tubs are 170 x 260 cm wide (specification),
    • “The weight of the Dutchtub can reach 1400 kg / 3000 lbs, a small platform under the tub can spread the total weight on more square meters than just the four legs of the tub.” (Safety).
    • The English agents are