Shower and Bath details


Towel radiators for warm dry towels.

Under floor heating (will be house wide anyway, but make the bathroom areas on their own circuits.

Drawer(s) that have integrated power sockets for hair dryer, elec toothbrush etc.


Put shelves in the shower walls to put shower stuff. Also have one at a hight good for girls that shave their legs in the shower.

The shower(s) should have a hand held shower nozzle. Whether additional or not to the main shower head. The shower below has a separate shower nozzle and a wide high shelf (that is therefore less likely to get and stay wet.)
– it’s make sense for the shelf t to have no grout (be one piece of something like slate or marble) and to also have a slight slope into the shower.

shower niche shelf

Have a look at how to place shower controls & the idea of a glass shower wall.


Also like the idea of shelves on the wall behind the bath (depending on where the bath goes)

RUSSIAN HILL modern bathroom
Aquamar Bathtub modern bathroom

Nice bath shape and works for 2 people having an end of the bath each.