What to do, with who ????

I’ve got a shortlist of 4 companies to work with for this project.

Each have now met with me, some more than once. Each have seen the site. Each have gone over my folder of ideas that range from my sketches to look and feel pictures. They’ve also all looked at this site.

Each have come back with varying costs to come up with initial ideas (sketches) and to use those to come up with project costings.

To help them with this, the site survey for levels etc. is being commissioned.

Cornwall based Eco House have built some stunning local projects. As with all 4 companies, I liked the feel of the meetings and chats we have had to date. They are charging a sub £1,000 fee (+VAT) to come up with initial ideas and costings for the project. They report a cost of  £2,000 /m2 for a full design, and build.

Facit Homes have come back with the most detailed initial proposal on how they would come up with sketches etc. Of the 4, it is also the most expensive, but it would give more than the others are suggesting in terms of taking ideas further. The proposal would be enough for an initial consultation with the local planning authority. It does seem that their construction method(s) would have the lowest construction environmental impact. Talking to them, their properties tend to cost £1,700 to £2,000 per sq metre.

Hanse House are charging less than Eco House and will have 2 of them spend the day with me next week. From that they’ll come up with their sketches and costings. They say that excluding foundations their houses with everything except the kitchens (ie incl light switches, paint, floors, bathrooms etc.) they tend to cost around £1,400 psm (per sq metre).

  • When I visited a Hanse House in construction, I was put off by the level of polystyrene, foam guns etc. in the materials. They have a great reputation for the end product energy efficiency, but I’m not comfortable with their decisions on construction materials.
  • Construction (embodied) Energy Vs Operational Energy

Potton are also waiting for the site survey and are then going to come back with initial sketches etc. and costings based on that. They say that their houses tend to come in with everything for around £1,250 psm

It’s an interesting period of almost 2 many choices that seem to fit into 4 categories:

  • Layout and design.
  • Environmental impact of the build process.
  • Ongoing environmental impact of the house once it is up and “running”.
  • Cost of these aspects.