German, Swedish & UK "kit house construction"

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German and Swedish companies often spring to mind when you think of kit house construction and if you are a fan of Grand Designs then you will be familiar with the uber cool Huf Haus and it’s impressive construction process. Many UK companies offer kit solutions and expansion in this area is set to continue.

There are numerous suppliers offering self build kit houses. The following are some of the better known but there are plenty of others worth considering:

Potton– The UK’s leading supplier of timber framed packages.
– Their Lighthouse design project looks cool !

Huf Haus– High quality German post and beam system with extensive glazing.

Benfield ATT– UK based timber frame kit company and innovators in timber construction.

Cloud Nine– UK company producing prefabricated, stylish timber framed eco homes.

Fleming Homes– Producing “one off” timber frame kit houses in the UK for 25 years.

Baufritz– German manufacturer creating individually designed, ecologically friendly homes.
– More info on them at
 – BUT they have a start price of £450,000.

Scandia-Hus– Supplier of Swedish energy saving timber framed homes.

WeberHaus– German self build timber frame specialist.

Skye Homes (from the Isle of Skye) look to have nice timber frame houses, that should be built to deal with coastal and sea exposed sites. – Green orientated company that can provide elements to full turnkey solution, where high end is £1,500 to £2000 per sq m. Experienced with timber frame and SIPs. Built a house in Falmouth. are based just outside Bodmin. Their claim is that they are “The most high performance sustainable pre-fab building system availiable in the UK”. Prefabricated buildings that use straw-bale and wood filled modular panels in a glulam post and beam frame. They also use sheeps’s wool and recylced products in the buildings. House prices go from £1,400 to £2,000 psm depending on size, site constraints and location.

Some Key Questions when chatting to these and other suppliers:

  • Price per sq ft or per sq m. ?
    – It seems that the big ticket items of stairs, heating system, bathrooms mean that there is an optimal size of 3,000 to 3,500 sq ft (275 to 325 sq m) above which houses go into a 2nd league re extra features and so a growing price per sq ft.
  • What is the maximum room span ?
    – For Baufritz this was about 5m with wood, after which need to put a steel joist in.
  • Coastal cliff top exposure.
    – Need to go for high grade marine steel etc.

How Much ?

Simon was at a civil engineers / surveyors evening event, and was sat next to a quantity surveyor from a company specialising in “eco homes / builds”. His key comment was that:

Cost comes down to determining clients standard of finish.

End Decision

I had a look at quite a few buildings in construction and complete.
I compared lots of prices and evolved my own design ideas.

In the end I’ve chosen Bodmin (Cornwall) based ARCO2 architects and Eco-Fab builders because of not only price, which is great, but they match my aspirations for an eco house, that is not only energy efficient once up and running, but it considers and where possible uses low energy, low carbon (“carbon neutral”) materials.

When I visited a Hanse House in construction, I was put off by the level of polystyrene, foam guns etc. in the materials. They have a great reputation for the end product energy efficiency, but I’m not comfortable with their decisions on construction materials.

Construction (embodied) Energy Vs Operational Energy