Appliance Energy Saving Tips

Siemens have recently brought out a miracle A+++ fridge; the KG36EAW40. It has the best energy rating on the market right now. Annually it costs you £18 a year to run, compared to a more modest A rated model, which costs you approximately £51. That’s a saving of £33.

Get a frost free freezer

Don’t leave cooking appliances such as your microwave on standby. It wastes approximately 7kW of energy per day – annually that’s a huge £84 per appliance.

An induction hob is the most efficient hob you can get: it’s 90% more efficient than gas or electric, mainly because the hob only heats up when it recognises the pan so no energy is wasted when the pan isn’t present.

Another good tip is to use halogen lighting in your oven as they’re 20% more efficient and 36% brighter than standard light.

The Bosch Logixx WAS32461GB washing machine, which has a function that measures the exact amount of water needed depending on the weight of your wash. It means you won’t waste any extra water or energy to get the load washed. It’ll only cost you £22.68 a year to run, which is minuscule compared to other machines.